National Geographic: Double Feature - Dino Death Match and T.Rex Ultimate Survivor

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/03/2016

DINO DEATH MATCH A new fossil known as ‘The Dueling Dinosaurs‘ depicts predator and prey as they... more »

National Geographic: Double Feature - Hubble's Cosmic Journey and Mission Pluto

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/03/2016

Hubble’s Cosmic Journey Celebrating Hubble Space Telescope’s 25 years orbiting our planet, this new... more »

National Geographic: Double Feature - Inside the Mega Twister and the Next Mega Tsunami

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/03/2016

THE NEXT MEGA TSUNAMI Ten years after one of the most deadly tsunamis ever known, scientists are... more »

National Geographic: Star Talk with Neil De Grasse Tyson

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 11/02/2016

Star Talk bridges the intersection between pop culture and science with clarity, humour and passion.... more »

National Geographic: The Science of Stupid - The Specials

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 11/02/2016

Over four ‘Science of Stupid’ Specials, Richard Hammond presents the show that combines cold hard science... more »

National Geographic: Megafactories - The Motorcycle Collection

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 14/01/2016

MEGAFACTORIES takes us into three of the worlds highly powered and highly sought-after bike factories to witness the pinnacle of motorcycle engineering!... more »

National Geographic: Megafactories - The Truck Collection

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 14/01/2016

The MEGAFACTORIES Truck Collection takes you into 3 of the world’s biggest truck factories to experience... more »

National Geographic: T.Rex Autopsy

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 14/01/2016

T. Rex Autopsy sees the world’s first life-sized anatomically precise model go under the knife in an... more »

National Geographic: The Jurassic Csi Collection - Limited Edition

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 17/12/2015

If you thought you knew about dinosaurs...think again. Palaeontologist Phil Manning challenges existing... more »

National Geographic: Megafactories - The Beer Collection

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 03/12/2015

Megafactories: The Beer Collection takes you into three of the world biggest breweries to see how they keep up with the phenomenal demand for their beer. more »

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