A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/09/2015

A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT is set in the fictitious locale of Bad City, a stunningly crafted black-and-white... more »

Banksy Does New York

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/09/2015

Banksy is revered and reviled, considered both a vandal and a genius. Completely anonymous, he is nevertheless without question one of the world’s best known living artists.... more »

Big Game

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/09/2015

Oskari, a timid 13-year-old, must spend one day and one night alone in the wilderness. Armed with only... more »

Big Game (Blu Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 10/09/2015

Samuel L Jackson stars as the US President in this hilarious action-adventure! When Air Force One is... more »


(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/09/2015

Boxing, "the poor man's sport," has long given kids from America’s roughest neighborhoods an opportunity... more »

Dior and I

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/09/2015

DIOR AND I is a tantalising ‘behind-the-seams’ glimpse at the making of Raf Simons’ first haute couture collection for Christian Dior in 2012.... more »


(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/09/2015

While on a camping trip, Thomas’ only daughter, Lara, is killed by a logging truck in a hit-and-run... more »


(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/09/2015

Nominated for an Oscar and winner of the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, LEVIATHAN is a gripping parable of class, faith and corruption.... more »

Over Your Dead Body

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/09/2015

Taking its cue from the art of Kabuki, OVER YOUR DEAD BODY unfolds within the walls of a theatre where... more »

People, Places, Things


Will (Jemaine Clement) is a graphic novelist, a professor at the School of Visual Arts and the father... more »

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