No collection is complete without these masterpieces of the cinematic form.

2 or 3 Things I Know About Her

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 13/12/2006

Inspired by a real article on housewife prostitution, the film examines Godard's theory that those living... more »

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A Beginner's Guide to Cinema

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 01/11/2007

Six all-time classic films available together for the first time. Showcasing six of the most important... more »

A Beginner's Guide to Cinema 2

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 13/11/2008

THE BLUE ANGEL Weimar Germany 1930 The film which started the infamous pairing of director Josef von... more »

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Dead Man

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 24/08/2005

Dead Man is the story of a young man's journey, both physically and spiritually, into very unfamiliar terrain.... more »

Dead Man (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 09/06/2011

A film by Jim Jarmusch more »

Double Indemnity

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 13/12/2006

Fred MacMurray stars as Walter Neff, a smoothtalking but na├»ve insurance salesman who falls for the... more »

Dr Mabuse the Gambler

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 18/07/2007

Dr Mabuse (Rudolf Klein-Rogge) is the arch-villain to end them all. A master of disguise and mind control,... more »

Drunken Angel

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 26/07/2006

In the filthy, crater-pocked slums of post-war Tokyo, the yakuza reign. When local heavy Matsunaga (Toshiro... more »

Five Graves to Cairo

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 09/05/2007

June 1942. A lone soldier survives the German rout of the British forces outside Tobruk. Dazed with... more »

High and Low

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 26/07/2006

Toshiro Mifune stars as Kingo Gondo, a wealthy industrialist and corporate Machiavelli on the brink... more »

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