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NZIFF Retrospective

NZIFF Retrospective

ENDS Friday August 8, 2014

To celebrate this year's iteration of the International Film Festival, all our titles from the 2011, 2012 and 2013 event are on sale for a limited time!

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Rikka is acting strangely around Yuta, and it takes all of her courage to confess her true feelings to him. Watch episode »

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why berserk is the greatest fantasy anime of all time.

POSTED: 28/07/14

To celebrate the release of of BERSERK - THE GOLDEN AGE ARC III - THE ADVENT on DVD, Blu-Ray & Digital in Australia and New Zealand, Geek of Oz’s Ryan Huff summons all of his guts put forward a case for why he's so berserk about BERSERK.

ben-to series collection dvd, blu-ray & digital release delayed

POSTED: 14/07/14

Madman Entertainment will be postponing the release of BEN-TO series collection.

the stigma of weird: embracing crazy contemporary japanese film

POSTED: 23/06/14

This month, regular Madman contributor and Twitchfilm critic Kwenton Bellette celebrates the release of weird superhero oddity HENTAI KAMEN and tries to get to the roots of deranged cinema in Japan and...

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