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Representing the best in Australian Cinema - from famed directors such as Gillian Armstrong to award-winning classics and features such as WALKABOUT, THE TRACKER, THE BOYS and 2005 AFI Best Film Winner, LOOK BOTH WAYS.


Canada has produced some of the cinema?s most significant modern documentaries, including MANUFACTURING CONSENT and THE CORPORATION.


France is the birthplace of cinema. Today DVD allows us the pleasure of admiring the works of the great French auteurs; comedy from Jacques Tati and Francis Veber, and contemporary French drama from directors such as Francois Ozon and Catherine Breillat.


As early as the 1920s German filmmakers were making breathtaking features like Fritz Lang?s METROPOLIS; today German Cinema remains a potent cinematic force on the global stage.

Hong Kong

The home of Jackie Chan, John Woo, Jet Lee and Chow Yun Fat remains one of the world?s great movie towns. With a post takeover move toward horror films like THE EYE and energised cop thrillers like INFERNAL AFFAIRS, the films of Hong Kong cinema are again leading the world.

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