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.Hack//legend of the Twilight

RELEASED: 22/09/2004

It has been four years since the incident that has come to be known as the Twilight. Many of those who witnessed it no longer come to "The World." It is a different place....


RELEASED: 14/06/2012

Tobias, Mary, and Sakuya are way into the The World. Together, they form an inseparable group, grinding toward the break of day and running dungeons in search of the artifacts...


RELEASED: 18/07/2007

It was the year 2015 and for millions of gamers it was the year "The World" came to an end. Caught within a mysterious fire, all the data-centres containing the planet’s...


RELEASED: 15/10/2003

From the same all-star anime creative team: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Evangelion), Kazunori Ito (Ghost in the Shell), and Koichi Mashimo (Noir). Login to the most successful...

Adventures of Tintin, the

RELEASED: 22/09/2004

Reporter by trade, adventurer and detective by circumstance, Hergé's Tintin is one of the world's most popular and best-loved comic book characters. Starring the eponymous...

Afro Samurai

RELEASED: 15/08/2007

In a strange world of swords, guns & kimonos, cell phones & cybernetics, a black samurai, Afro Samurai, seeks revenge from a man named Justice, who killed his father & is...

Ah! My Goddess Season 2 Flights of Fancy

RELEASED: 15/08/2007

It’s been almost a year since the Goddess Belldandy came to live with college student Keiichi Morisato, and he’s almost gotten up the nerve to kiss her. Unfortunately, the...

Air (TV)

RELEASED: 12/08/2010

Yukito is a travelling performer. He moves through this world with only the clothes on his back - driven onward by stories of "The Girl in the Sky." Not knowing when or if...

Air Gear

RELEASED: 12/12/2007

Welcome to the world of Storm Riders, where motor-powered inline skates called "Air Treks" take extreme sports to a whole new level. Those who dare to ride with these high...

Amazing Extraordinary Friends Series 2

RELEASED: 10/12/2009

The Amazing Extraordinary Friends is an action/comedy series set in modern New Zealand and enjoyed by superhero fans of all ages. When average kiwi kid Ben Wilson discovered...

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