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Unmade Beds

?Bursting with the spirit of JeanLuc Godard and Wong Karwai? intoxicating.? THE VILLAGE VOICE
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Bright Lights. Lost Souls

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Director: Alexis Dos Santos
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2009
Runtime: 92 mins
Genre: Comedy Drama

Set in the underground art-rock world of a sprawling East London squat, Unmade Beds is the seductive, funny and romantic story of two nomads searching for love and meaning in a new city. Axl lands in London from Spain with no money, no place to stay and only one goal: to find his father. After meeting Hannah and Mike, Axl moves into the squat they share with countless others, and he discovers a love for underground music, free-spirited living, heavy drinking and meeting new people...if only he could remember them the next morning. Vera is a beautiful French artist whose heart was broken when her lover ended their romance. Despite her melancholy, Vera tries to recapture their love... More »

Special Features
  • In bed with Alexis Dos Santos
  • Audio commentary with director Alexis Dos Santos
  • Theatrical trailer

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