Cruise of the Gods

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Series: Cruise of the Gods
Country: United Kingdom Year: 2002 Runtime: 90 mins Genre: Comedy Score: 8.3/10
Sex scenes

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No self-respecting actor would be seen on a fan cruise... unless he was a true star

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Andy Van Allen (Rob Brydon), the former hero of a cult 1980s futuristic TV show, Children of Castor, is now working as an hotel porter. In contrast, his ex co-star, Nick Lee (Steve Coogan), has since shot to fame in the USA starring in a blockbuster mini-series, Sherlock Holmes in Miami. Things start to look up for Andy when an unusual offer comes... More »

Special Features

  • Out-takes
  • Deleted scenes (with commentary)
  • Children of Castor sequence audio commentary
  • 30 minute video diary
  • Photo gallery
  • Alternative ending

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