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The Hydronauts V1

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Embark on an journey to discover the wildlife and wonders of the Earth's vast oceans.

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Director: Paul Aaron
Country: Germany
Year: 2001
Runtime: 169 mins
Genre: Kids & Family

Intent on saving her home planet, that is threatened by a rapidly receding water level, the young alien astronaut Neptuna sets off on an investigative mission to the "Blue Water Planet", our Earth. But her space ship "Hydronica", which also has the pedantic on-board computer OBO and which doubles as a submarine, runs into trouble : Neptuna is forced to undertake an emergency landing in the Baltic Sea.

She meets up with Balty, the seal and Ponto, the sea-gull, who very quickly decide to accompany her on this mission - to explore the magnificent marine life of our planet. Whether it is a crew member, who has to be rescued from a drifting ghost net, snails that cause near-havoc after being brought aboard, or a hammerhead shark that proves his detecting abilities via his remarkable sixth sense, in all the in all the stories our three adventurers embark on an ocean odyssey, discovering life underwater and gaining knowledge about our ecological environment, its problems and possible solutions.

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