I Am Weasel Vol 1

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Series: I Am Weasel
Country: United States Year: 1997 Runtime: 189 mins Genre: Kids & Family Score: 6.6/10
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Pop Goes The Weasel

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Meet I.M. Weasel: a famous, generous, caring being who is extremely gifted, talented and skilled in most professions. Now meet I.R. Baboon: an untalented, ugly, erratic being, who is only noteworthy for his bright red butt, which he refuses to cover at any time much to the discomfort of those around him. Despite I.M. Weasel's benevolent nature, I.R. Baboon is constantly trying to out-do him and constantly failing to do so.

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Volume 1 of 5 Series Information
11/08/2011 Release Date:
English Languages:
2 Number of Discs:
189.0 mins Runtime:
DVD, Region 4 (PAL) Format:
MMA6037 Catalogue:
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