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"I found it really powerful."
Margaret Pomeranz, AT THE MOVIES
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A Film by Steven Soderbergh

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Director: Steven Soderbergh
Country: United States
Year: 2005
Runtime: 73 mins
Genre: Drama

In this unique cinematic experiment, acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh brings to life a tragic story with startling realism. A truly bizarre love triangle is born at a doll factory in a small town in America's Midwest. During the drudgery of their daily doll-making, Martha—a forty-ish spinster who cares for her invalid father—and the much younger Kyle have become close, in spite of their age difference. Their monotonous routine is interrupted by the arrival of Rose, a young, attractive single mother. As Martha grows increasingly wary of Rose's dubious character, she discovers Kyle and Rose developing a relationship of their own. When a murder investigation begins, it calls into question our established assumptions about these characters and life in the small town.

Special Features
  • Audio Commentary with directors Steven Soderbergh and Mark Romanek
  • Deleted scenes and alternate ending
  • "Bursting the bubble": Making of featurette
  • "Higher Definition": BUBBLE episode
  • Cast Audio Commentary
  • Cast Audition Interviews

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