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Skins Series 2

"The best British drama for years"
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A group of optimistic kids who grab life by the balls

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2008
Runtime: 480 mins
Genre: Comedy Drama

It's been six months since Tony's collision with a bus - remarkably he isn't dead, but he sure isn't the same person. Sid can't get his head around the fact that his best mate is a shadow of the man he's always looked up to. And to top it off he finally got the girl, Cassie, only to have her whisked off to Scotland. Sod's law. But to Cassie it's totally OK, one day she'll come back and they'll live happily ever after... Yeah right.

Michelle is lost without Tony too, and her Mum has gone and married yet another man - but this time there's a step-sister involved who's intent on trying to make a move on her mates.

Maxxie's got hell at home too because his Dad doesn't want him to follow his... More »

Special Features
  • Over 80 minuets worth of extras!
  • 5 Bonus Skins stories including Christmas with Skins
  • The Lost Weeks
  • Skins Special
  • .....and loads more!

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