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Willa's Wild Life: Willa Sets the Stage! (Vol 1)

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Where there's a Willa, there is a way!

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Country: Canada
Year: 2008
Runtime: 88 mins
Genre: Kids & Family

What kid hasn’t brought home a stray dog, baby bird or a firefly in a jar?

Willa, that’s who. So far, this 9-year-old critter collector has adopted a giraffe, a couple elephants, an alligator and so many other exotic animals, there’s barely room in Willa’s room for Willa!

When there’s a Willa there is a way!

Willa’s Wild Life is an enchanting series about a little girl’s unique home life that is sure to keep you in stitches and warm your heart. Willa’s Wild Life follows the adventures of a Willa, an unforgettable little girl who, like a young Lucy in I Love Lucy, finds herself in comic predicaments that only seem to escalate as she fumbles through solutions. But thanks to her loving... More »

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