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2 Pints of Lager & a Packet of Crisps - Series 3 (2 DVD Set

“They made the quartet from MEN BEHAVING BADLY appear squeaky clean. Although they were foul-mouthed they were very funny with it.”
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The beers and tears of twenty-something life

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Year: 2002
Runtime: 280 mins
Genre: Comedy

Having fun wasn’t hard. It was just finding the right combination of beer, shagging, pies and beer. But in a northern town in England five twenty-somethings discover that life is getting complicated. When once the only c-word they used was to describe Manchester United fans, now there’s couples, commitment and contraception to consider. If they hadn’t been in the pub all afternoon, it’d be enough to drive them to drink... Series 3 starts exactly where Series 2 ended – with Jonny’s half-baked proposal of marriage to Janet. Will she tie the knot? Gaz and Donna have moved in together but their cosy love nest is disturbed by the arrival of Gaz’s relative, Munch. And Louise finally gets a boyfriend... More »

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