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Minoriteam Collection

"MINORITEAM might have been a painfully worthy exercise in political correctness, but its subtlety, sense of fun and love of comics culture have stopped that from happening."
The Guardian (UK)
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Country: United States
Year: 2005
Runtime: 220 mins

Doctor Wang, using a government small business loan (meant for his grocery store), sets out to assemble a group of men to create the greatest super hero team ever imagined. Instead of scouring the four corners of the world, he goes to the every neighborhood in the city. Using the power of racial stereotypes, they are the MINORITEAM!

Minoriteam stars a team of five superheroes, each one having his own racial or ethnic stereotype. They join forces to fight against discrimination, such as The White Shadow, Racist Frankenstein and The Corporate Ladder. The Minoriteam is made up of Non-Stop, an Arab convenience-store owner who cannot be shot. El Jefe, a Mexican that fights crime with a leaf blower. Dr. Wang, an Asian human calculator and the leader of the team. Fasto, the fastest man that ever was. Lastly, Jewcano, a man with the powers of the Jewish faith and a volcano.

Special Features
  • Episode animatics
  • Storyboards
  • Concept and production art gallery
  • Episode script
  • Original pitch

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