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"A magnificent indie of the choicest cut... very funny and realistic."
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Sometimes male bonding can be taken a little too far

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Director: Lynn Shelton
Country: United States
Year: 2009
Runtime: 94 mins
Genre: Comedy

It's been ten years since best mates Andrew and Ben terrorised their college campus with their crazy antics and blokey competitiveness. Now pushing thirty, sporting beer bellies and feeling the pressures of "adulthood", they are in very different places. Ben is now settled, having found a wife, a job and a mortgage. Andrew chose the alternative route, traveling the globe from Chiapas to Cambodia as a vagabond artist. When Andrew turns up on Ben's doorstep, they easily fall back into their routine of macho competitiveness.

But one night at a wild party, their one upmanship comes to a head when they decide to enter an amateur porn competition. But what kind of boundary-breaking, envelope pushing porn can two straight dudes make? After the booze and "big talk" run out, only one idea remains: they will have sex together on camera. It's not gay; it's beyond gay. It's not porn; it's art. But how exactly will it work? And more importantly, who will tell Anna, Ben's wife?

Special Features
  • Behind the scenes
  • Deleted scenes
  • Commentaries
  • Theatrical trailer

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