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Dread Central
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This island paradise hides a bloody vengeance

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Year: 2010
Runtime: 112 mins
Genre: Drama Horror

Beautiful Hae-won needs to get away from it all and finds herself drawn to Moo Island, a place where she once spent an idyllic childhood holiday. On arrival she's reunited with her old friend Bok-nam.

Hae-won soon discovers that the beautiful island paradise hides a darker, more grotesque society. The hapless Bok-nam is ritually abused by the island's population. When an attempt to escape ends in tragic results, Bok-nam decides to take things into her own hands. With nothing left to lose, Bok-nam begins a reign of gruesome, blood-drenched revenge.

Powerful, poignant and extremely unsettling, Bedevilled is one of the most shocking and disturbing films from Korea since the notorious Oldboy, an experience you'll never forget.

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