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"action-packed and more satisfying than any super-hero movie released this year."
Sound On Sight
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One man against the ultimate evil

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Year: 2010
Runtime: 108 mins

A man with the ultimate power comes face to face with the only one immune to his gift. If evil could control everyone around you, what would you do?

Living through an abusive childhood, the crippled Cho-in discovered that he possessed an amazing gift - the ability to control anyone's mind just by looking at them. With it came the realisation that he can make the world pay for his pitiful life.

One fateful day, when he is using his special gift to rob a store, he discovers Kyu-nam - someone his power cannot touch. Now begins a bitter and bloody confrontation between the two men, but how can Kyu-nam put a stop to this evil madness when even his friends can become his enemies.

Special Features
  • Making of HAUNTERS

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