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Guilty Crown Collection 2

"Great visuals; show-stopping action set-pieces; unusually thoughtful use of common anime tropes."
Anime News Network
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At the brink of madness

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Country: Japan
Year: 2011
Runtime: 275 mins

Shu's desperate quest to save Inori from the mysterious spectre known as Death sends him hurtling through a horrifying flashback. Glimpses of the boy he once was combine with fragments of painful memories to hint at the harrowing origins of the Apocalypse Virus.

Meanwhile, nefarious GHQ agents seek to incite chaos by turning the frightened band of young rebels against each other. Division in the ranks - and the shocking death of a dear friend - pushes Shu to the brink of madness, exposing Inori and everyone he loves to an eerily familiar enemy. As the terrifying truth about the power of the King's Right Hand emerges, Shu and his comrades must place their faith in one another - and fight for the future of their world!

Contains episodes 12-22.

Special Features
  • Episode 15 and 19 commentaries
  • Guilty Crown 4-panel theatre (Parts 6B-11)
  • Re-assortment (series digest)
  • Episode previews 12-21
  • Japanese TV spots and promotional videos
  • Textless opening and closing (version 2)

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