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The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries - Series 1 (Limited Crime Classics Edition)

?Starry cast, period motors, and country-house weekend formula, leading to ouch! ouch! priceless dagger in the back, and where-were-you-Sir- Hubert-when-the-lights-went-out. All the classic bits in place.? The Times
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Ngaio Marsh's famous detective investigates.

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1992
Runtime: 583 mins
Genre: Drama Crime

Shooting, stabbing, poison... there are many ways to commit crime, but there's only one man who can solve it: Chief Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn. The younger son of a titled Buckinghamshire family, Roderick Alleyn was educated at Eton and joined the CID from the diplomatic service. His background enables him to move freely in all classes of society, an undoubted advantage when dealing with Government ministers and the aristocracy. To his friends, he is that nice chap, Alleyn - a chap with a sense of humour and more edge to him than meets the eye. To his colleague, Inspector Fox, he is a real professional, as loyal to Fox as Fox is to Alleyn.

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