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Jonathan Creek - Series 1 (Limited Crime Classics Edition)

"A completely relaxing and satisfactory set of mystery stories, strongly spiked with comedy and in which the characters are everything... and the impossible solutions are half the fun."
Sydney Morning Herald
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Houdini meets whodunnit.

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1997
Runtime: 324 mins
Genre: Drama

Episodes One and Two – The Wrestler’s Tomb

Contemporary expressionist painter Hedley Shale is found murdered with two bullets in his chest in the upstairs bedroom at his South London home, eccentrically named The Wrestler’s Tomb. Lying nearby is his secret lover, French model Francesca Boutron – bound and gagged by the black-hooded intruder who shot the artist at point-blank range and then escaped through the back garden. Shale’s wife, Serena, steely editor of a national women’s magazine, would, by all laws of logic, appear to be the killer.
But she was at work throughout the morning on her side of town. Her PA watched her office at 9:30 and then remained outside the door for the next... More »

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