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Metalocalypse Season 4

"Hands down, this is one of the most trouser-dousingly funny cartoons around..."
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As The Prophecy Foretold...

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Country: United States
Year: 2013
Runtime: 230 mins
Genre: Comedy

Brutality wields its uncomfortable deth-hammer in the fourth season of METALOCALYPSE. Excruciating horrors loom, waiting for the right moment to crush us all into a smooth repugnant paste, with very few lumps. Experience the lurking blackness of dating, the vomitous torture of job insecurity, the repulsive abhorrence of realty, the emasculating woe of dating a co worker, and the pinching, sweaty waking DETH of flying coach. Will our beloved Dethklok survive these deathly trails or will they perish like a flaming serpent cast down by Odin? The Metalocalypse indeed looms nearer...

Special Features
  • Facebones DethGame
  • FanArt tribute
  • BlackKlok montage sequence
  • Nathan reads Shakespeare #4: A Comedy of Errors
  • and more!

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