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Loups=Garous: The Motion Picture

"Effectively edgy story which capably mixes sci fi and mild horror elements."
Anime News Network
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Someone is killing the children!

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Director: Junichi Fujisaku
Country: Japan
Year: 2010
Runtime: 98 mins

After a virus claims millions, most live in the safety of a closed-off world, relegating themselves to an on-line existence. But when a young girl decides to brave life outside the virtual world, she finds a group of friends - and a killer. Someone is hunting and violently murdering children. Who? Why? And is she the next target?

Special Features
  • Interviews with staff and cast
  • SCANDAL Meets Loups=Garous
  • KOSHI-TANTAN promotional video
  • Movie digest
  • Pilot movie
  • Picture drama
  • Japanese promotional video
  • Japanese trailer

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