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James May’s Toy Stories Special: Flight Club

"For too long now we have regarded the great toys as mere playthings. It's time to use them to bring people together and achieve greatness. And I bet it'll be a right laugh as well."
James May
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A world first, a lifelong ambition, aeronautical engineers, fanatical hobbyists - is this the most amazing Toy Story ever seen?

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2012
Runtime: 58 mins

James May’s Toy Stories returns for a brand new special. This time, James will attempt to fulfil a lifelong ambition - to design, build and fly an unmanned toy glider 20 miles over the ocean. It will be a world first in toy glider history and could prove to be the most difficult Toy Story challenge to date. James enlists the help of aeronautical engineers, some fanatical hobbyists and some very keen students in order to create the most amazing Toy Story you have ever seen.
The glider will not be a sleek off the shelf hi-tech model. It will be built from scratch using the painstaking methods adopted by a million children over the years. The beauty of this plane is that it will resemble the classic toy sitting on the top of toy cupboards around the globe.

As in all the Toy Stories films, there is absolutely no guarantee of success. Once launched from a hot air balloon at 5,000 ft, the glider will be on its own. This ambitious attempt will provide a dramatic yet beautiful finale, all in honour of the millions of balsa wood planes that inspired a generation of children.

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