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Hidden Treasures with Griff Rhys Jones

" engrossing enterprise, presented with infectious enthusiasm by Jones."
The Telegraph
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Griff Rhys Jones ponders:

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2012
Runtime: 180 mins
Genre: Documentary

Comedian, writer and traveller Griff Rhys Jones sets off on a series of adventures to discover what extraordinary treasure is still being created in far off places by the indigenous people of today.

A collector and enthusiast himself, Griff undertakes some hazardous quests into remote corners of the world with strong artistic traditions, to find out what remains of this unfettered self expression and to discover the ideas that underpin their creativity. Each area has a rich and ancient cultural history that in some cases pre-dates ours in the West.

Over three episodes Griff visits Australia, Africa and India where art has been invested with very particular powers and qualities. These... More »

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