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Prisoners of War

"...returning PoWs remains a very real Israeli preoccupation, giving this beautifully acted series a topicality that the similarly terrific but more fanciful HOMELAND largely lacks."
The Telegraph
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A psychological thriller that will leave you wondering who the enemy really is. From the producer of, and the inspiration for the US hit 'Homeland'

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Country: Israel
Year: 2010
Runtime: 500 mins
Genre: Drama

“Prisoners of War” begins with the return of three soldiers who had been in captivity for 17 years. Two of them come back alive; one returns in a coffin. During their long years of absence there was no information as to their whereabouts and little is known about what they’ve been through. The series follows the two (and the people closest to them) as they attempt to go back to the lives they were yanked out of years ago. We follow them as they cope with their new reality on both a private and national level. On the personal level, they are reintroduced to their family members: Their wives who may or may not have moved on with their own lives; their kids who are strangers to them; their... More »

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