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Gourmet Farmer - Series 3

"Evans's profile has never been higher."
The Age
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Australia's favourite Gourmet Farmer is back for a third series of self-sufficiency and delicious home-grown food

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Country: Australia
Year: 2013
Runtime: 250 mins

In Gourmet Farmer Series 3, Matthew’s new goal is to become self-sufficient and to generate enough income to support his family. His new property, Fat Pig Farm, makes Puggles 10 hectares look pretty insignificant and is both daunting and exciting. He could have more pigs, more cows, more sheep, ducks, geese, a dairy, a smoker, a hanging room, a polytunnel, an orchard – all on the one plot of land where everything will be integrated: the pigs ploughing the soil, the orchard providing food for the pigs, the cows delivering non stop supplies of milk (and whey for the piglets).

He could even host paddock lunches out of a mobile kitchen. But he’s no ingénue this time round; he knows he’ll be... More »

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