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Cold War

"Top notch... it's immediately clear that INFERNAL AFFAIRS comparisons are entirely apt."
Beyond Hollywood
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Ten years after Infernal Affairs, crime is back

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Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2012
Runtime: 102 mins
Genre: Thriller

In Asia's safest city, the police have long been untouchable. Approaching midnight in Hong Kong, police headquarters receives an anonymous call: a fully loaded police van carrying the force’s most advanced equipment and five highly trained officers has disappeared off the grid. The hijackers possess direct knowledge of police procedures and are already several steps ahead. The police must meet a list of demands to ensure the hostages’ release, including the delivery of a large ransom. Any delay will cost lives. The clock has begun to tick.

Rival Deputy Commissioners Sean Lau and Waise Lee fight to take charge of the rescue operation, code named COLD WAR. Lau wants to negotiate with the hijackers... More »

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  • Theatrical trailer

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