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The Shooter

"A slick, polished thriller... Very much on target."
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One bullet can change the world

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Director: Annette K. Olesen
Country: Denmark
Year: 2012
Runtime: 94 mins
Genre: Drama Thriller

Reporter Mia Moesgaard (LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED's Trine Dyrholm) is the best political commentator on Danish television, and with the election around the corner, she barely has time to prepare for the imminent arrival of her adopted baby girl. When the popular Greens party, led by the dashing Thomas Borby (Nikolaj Lie Kaas, THE KILLING) vows to abolish oil drilling in Greenland, the citizens take notice, voting them in in a landslide victory.

But only months after taking office, the Greens pull a complete backflip, and the citizens are furious. Their anger is voiced by Mia, who unwittingly states that the government's policy change may incite community violence. For one political activist, Rasmus (Kim Bodnia, THE BRIDGE), her words ring alarmingly true, and he takes it upon himself to make the government pay for their lies...

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