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Betty White Goes Wild

"...there’s an unwritten law that every TV special must include Betty White."
NY Daily News
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Betty White finds her roar when playing with the big cats in this fun look at the kings of the jungle.

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Country: United States
Year: 2013
Runtime: 100 mins
Genre: Documentary

Beloved celebrity and Emmy Award ® winning actress Betty White takes us on a personal journey to get to know and understand endangered big cats. With extraordinary access to three of America's top zoos and safari parks, she shares her special VIP backstage pass to take the audience on an irreverent tour of everything big cat. As spokeswoman for National Geographic's "Cause an Uproar" Big Cats Initiative, Betty White has already expressed her deep love of the planet's greatest felines. And now she's on a tell us why she loves big cats, and to get us to love them just as much.

Big cats are put to the test: strength, intelligence, endurance,... More »

Special Features
  • SUPERCAT documentary

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