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Legally Brown

"The balls to make the bogans laugh."
Sydney Morning Herald
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A little ethnic, a lot edgy and a load entertaining!

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Country: Australia
Year: 2013
Runtime: 250 mins
Genre: Comedy

Comedian Nazeem Hussain is host and star of Legally Brown, a daring new comedy series which pushes all the boundaries. Before a pumped crowd of fans, Nazeem performs his unique brand of stand up to frame a series of socially relevant character and hidden camera stunts, as well as scripted comedy sketches. This anarchic series parodies many aspects of Australian life, including race relations, politics and pop culture. Highlights include ‘Uncle Sam’, a taxi driver turned politician who is on the campaign trail make Australia Halal, ‘Imran Farook’, a TV mystic healer who uses unconventional techniques on his unsuspecting guests, and ‘The Prince of Mumbai’, who has travelled to Australia to find a wife!... More »

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