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Transformers Energon Collection One

"An impressive blend of the Transformers' elaborate mythology and computer-generated animation - a first in the history of the series - Transformers: Energon delivers plenty of robot-in-disguise action while remaining largely true to the characters and storylines."
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An unsettling peace between Autobots and Decepticons as new threats loom!

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Country: United States
Year: 2003
Runtime: 560 mins

Ten years after the epic Unicron battle there is finally an unsettling peace between the Autobots and Decepticons. Working together they form a secret alliance with human kind to find the rare and precious substance Energon which they soon discover on Earth. Lurking in the distance are mysterious forces that have honed in on this discovery and will stop at nothing to gain control of the Energon at all costs and only an elite team of Autobots empowered to combine their robotic forms and strengths into an ultra force can save the planet from total destruction.

Special Features
  • Character profiles
  • Toy galleries
  • Comic book cover galleries

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