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Transformers Animated Season Two Collection

"A much-needed shot in the arm for the Transformers franchise, TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED is easily the best cartoon rendition since BEAST WARS."
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Arrival of the Autobot Elite Guard!

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Country: United States
Year: 2007
Runtime: 325 mins

In Transformers Season Two, the story continues after the rise of Megatron and the battle that cost the Autobots the Key. Now the Autobots find themselves in a big mess. Not only do they have to clean up the city, they must also restore their good image and faith to the citizens of Detroit. Meanwhile, the Autobot Elite Guard arrive for the ALLSPARK, only to find out that it's been blown to pieces. And now the quest for those pieces begins...

With Earth-bound villains and Decepticons constantly trying to gain power for world domination, the Autobots are struggling to live up to their oath to protect Earth and their home planet Cybertron. With ALLSPARK fragments, Sari, her key, and a little unexpected help, the Autobots will prevail!

Special Features
  • Audio commentary episode 19 and 20
  • Two animated shorts
  • Photo gallery

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