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Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage and Death

?... the excellent Helen Castor, who has the knack of appearing in shot without making you wish she would go away...? Clive James, The Telegraph
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Dr Helen Castor explores major human rites during the Medieval period

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2013
Runtime: 180 mins
Genre: Documentary

Historian and author Helen Castor, presenter of the popular series She-Wolves, explores how the people of the Middle Ages handled the most fundamental moments of transition in life: birth, marriage and death. In doing so she reveals how people in the medieval world thought and what they believed in. For the people of the Middle Ages the teachings of the Catholic Church shaped thoughts and beliefs across the whole of Western Europe. But by the end of the Middle Ages the Church would find itself in the grip of momentous change and the way of medieval birth, marriage and death would never be quite the same again.

Episode One: A Good Birth
For a Medieval woman approaching the moment of labour... More »

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