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Transformers - Collection 4 (Series 3.1)

"Nothing beats the classics... and no subsequent incarnation will ever compare to the brilliance of the first generation TRANSFORMERS."
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2006: The Dawn of a New Era... The Legend of the Transformers Continues!

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Director: Jay Bacal
Country: Japan United States
Year: 1986
Runtime: 400 mins

2006: Unicron, the Devourer of Worlds, is defeated. Cybertron is finally at peace. But, for how long?...

A new evil from the Transformers' ancient past is stirring and the Decepticons threaten to rise again. Will Rodimus Prime, successor of the great Optimus Prime, be able to ward off these new threats when so many warriors have already fallen?

Set one-year after Transformers: The Movie, series three introduces viewers to a host of new characters, reintroduces fan-favourites, and continues to deepen the Transformers mythos. The mysterious origin of the Transformers is at least revealed, the Decepticons' most-treacherous lieutenant overcomes death and the greatest Autobot of them all returns!... More »

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