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Trinity Seven Complete Series

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I Will Create a New World!

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Country: Japan
Year: 2014
Runtime: 300 mins

Things have been looking sunny for Arata Kasuga lately. Unfortunately it’s been the wrong sun in the sky, and the mysterious Breakdown Phenomenon that accompanied it has destroyed his town and stolen his beloved cousin Hijiri, leaving Arata in a fantasy world of his own creation!

But the appearance of the so-called Black Sun also revealed his magical abilities, which could be just what he needs to get his cousin back. These powers make Arata a candidate for Demon Lord, and he enrolls in the Royal Biblia Academy to hone them and become a mage. Little did he know that what awaited him were seven beautiful female mages with powers linked to the same "Sins" he must master to put his world back together.

And of course, the tricky part is that these girls have some plans of their own... The lessons in sin are about to begin as Arata takes on the TRINITY SEVEN!

Special Features
  • - Textless Opening & Closing

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