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The Last Goon Show of all

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The last ever performance of the crazy comic trio recorded for the BBC's 50th Anniversary.

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1972
Runtime: 40 mins
Genre: Comedy

From 1952 to 1960 THE GOON SHOW spawned a cult of quick-fire humour as radio's most influential clowns. Driven by an inspired lunacy they wrenched conventional comedy into a new era, a forerunner to Monty Python.

For the BBC's 50th Anniversary in 1972, the archives delivered three coffins before a distinguished audience at the Camden Theatre in London. They contained three legends of entertainment history.

SPIKE MILLIGAN - the well known typing error, script writer and voice of Eccles, Moriarty, Little Jim and Minnie Barrister.

PETER SELLERS - alias Major Bloodnok, Bluebottle and Henry Crun, practising his comeback by whistling from Hamlet.

HARRY SECOMBE - bold, toothless, Welsh... More »

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