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Mummies Alive

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2015
Runtime: 276 mins
Genre: Documentary

Frozen in time and scattered around the world, messengers from the past have been preserved for centuries. These mummified people died in battle, by torture, in honour or disgrace as kings, holy sacrifices and murder victims. Now, hundreds of years after they drew their last breaths, we will bring the worlds best-preserved mummies back to life with exquisite animation.

Each hour-long episode of Mummies Alive will feature one of the world’s most fascinating and best preserved mummies. Each mummy links us to a distinct and fascinating culture in history. Spread across the globe, they range in age from hundreds to thousands of years old.

For the first time these mummified ancestors will transport us across the gulf of time as we piece together the details of their enthralling lives and enter their lost worlds through hyper-real CGI.

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