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American Misfits

"This is just one big mess"
- Jason 'Wee Man' Acuna
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Ready for the next JACKASS? There's another crew in town!

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Country: United States
Year: 2003
Runtime: 48 mins
Genre: Sports

In the tradition of CKY, American Misfits is a mischievous journey from the diabolical minds of Wee man and Laban Phiedas that includes skits, surprise, scandal and skateboarding. Tag along and watch the exploits of Wee Man and Laban unfold as they bounce across the country hitting skate spots, parties and radio stations while destroying reputations.
Skateboarding and stupidity never looked so good.

Special Features
  • 1. Freakout
  • 2. Warped Tour
  • 3. Leonard B-Lee
  • 4. Where's the Bathroom?
  • 5. The Stitches' Music Video
  • 6. Roommate's Revenge
  • 7. Ego Plum's Plug
  • 8. Aaron Yeager's Day Out
  • 9. Jim Bates, Not Norman
  • 10. Gallagher Foto Gallery
  • 11. Chlorine Trailer

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