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Robot Chicken Season 7

"Highly unique and hopelessly addictive."
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Over One Hour Of Extras!

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Country: United States
Year: 2015
Runtime: 220 mins
Genre: Comedy

HERE IT COMES! Another season's worth of award-winning frenetic fried fowl from deep in the heart of Adult Swim's late-night animation plantation!

Contained within: Every lovingly crafted episodes from your favourite psychotic purveyor of stop-motion animated sketch comedy! Scads of extras produced on a budget consisting of not THREE shoestrings, not TWO shoestrings, but ONE amazing shoestring! And guess what? This isn't your grandma's VHS tape... it's all on cutting-edge DVD!

It's ROBOT CHICKEN SEASON 7! And 7 is a VERY LUCKY NUMBER! Not buying this DVD is like French kissing a black cat under a ladder on Friday the 13th! Your call!

Special Features
  • Commentary on all Twenty Episodes, a Bonus Christmas Special with Commentary, Featurettes & Cut Sketches.

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