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Infinite Stratos 2 Complete Series

"It's still basically the definition of an anime popcorn show, it never takes itself so seriously that it loses sight of the humor, but it never gets so humorous that it goes into total absurdity."
- Dexomega, Talk Amongst Yourselves
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If their combat strategy doesn't kill him, their affections probably will!

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Country: Japan
Year: 2013
Runtime: 300 mins

There are probably worse things that could have happened to Ichika Orimura than being the only guy in a training academy filled with military hardware and several battalions of highly competitive and extremely boy-crazed teenage girls. And being caught in a five-girl crossfire between his obsessive childhood friends Lingyin and Houki and the even more zealous British, German and French pilots Cecillia, Laura and Charlotte, at least turned out to be survivable. But surely, Ichika's finally put all his female troubles behind him, right? Oh don't be ridiculous. None of the femmes fatales in his life have canceled their conquest scenarios; there's double trouble arriving in the form of the Sarashiki... More »

Special Features
  • One Summer's Memories (Broadcast Version), Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation

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