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The Art of Love (Universal Vault)

"...side-splitting moments, some unusually fine character performances..."
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James Garner and Dick Van Dyke are about to discover the art of love is a forgery.

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Country: United States
Year: 1965
Runtime: 97 mins
Genre: Comedy

Paul Sloane didn’t think dying would be the best career move a struggling artist could make. But when he goes "missing, presumed dead" following a heroic jump into the Seine to save a beautiful woman, his roommate, Casey, realises there's money to be made in selling his "dear, departed" buddy's paintings which have now skyrocketed in value.

When Paul turns up very much alive, Casey convinces him to play dead and create new artworks they can flog for top dollar. It sounds like a brilliant con, until Paul’s American fiancé turns up.

James Garner (who also co-produced the film) and TV legend Dick Van Dyke go from fraud to farce in this slice of 1960s comedy written by Carl Reiner (THE 2000 YEAR OLD MAN) and available for the first time on DVD. Also in the frame for fun are Elke Sommer, Angie Dickinson and the great Ethel Merman.

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