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Powerpuff Girls Classic Season 6

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Three girls from Townsville, USA, team-up to fight crime before bedtime.

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Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
Country: United States
Year: 2004
Runtime: 293 mins
Genre: Kids & Family

The city of Townsville is a little weepy as we get to this final season of The Powerpuff Girls! Mojo Jojo continues to torment the town and trio in a big way when he brings back Mopey Popo, pulls a fast one as Mojo the Kid, and kidnaps The Narrator. I know you missed me. But the silliness carries on as The Professor makes an X-tra special recipe for the chilli cook-off and Buttercup goes on a quest for inner peace. And no one expected Captain Crack McGraigen to show up searching for treasure where X marks the spot in the Powerpuff house. The villains are still vile, the girls are still powerful, and once again - the day is saved thanks to The Powerpuff Girls

Prime Mates / Coup D’Etat
Makes Zen to Me / Say Uncle
Reeking Havoc / Live & Let Dynamo
Mo’ Linguish / Oops, I Did It Again
A Made Up Story
Little Miss Interprets / Night Mayor
Custody Battle / City of Nutsville
That’s Not My Baby / Simian Says
Sun Scream / City of Frownsville
West in Pieces
Crazy Mixed-Up Puffs / Mizzen in Action
Roughing It Up / What’s the Big Idea?

Special Features
  • Good Car Day
  • Laundry Day
  • The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!
  • Craig’s Documentary
  • Trailers

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