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Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files - 10: The Evil Dr. Ichigaki

"Yu Yu Hakusho has a great mix of action, humour and fantasy... It's got everything!"
- Anime Invasion
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The Dark Tournament speeds into round two!

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Country: Japan
Year: 1992
Runtime: 100 mins

A Day in Waiting
The drama of the first round behind them, Yusuke's team tries to regroup. But as they soon realize, not even the quiet moments are safe on Hanging Neck Island. Preoccupied by the discovery that his Spirit Gun won't fire, Yusuke is ambushed by a loose-cannon competitor. Meanwhile, on the rocky shore, Hiei faces the consequences of his deadly dragon attack.

Percentage of Victory
The Dark Tournament speeds into round two, plotting Team Urameshi against the Dr. Ichigaki Team, quiet fighters with a propensity for chopping off heads. But the morning before the fight, Kuwabara is awakened by a haunting dream. Their opponents are actually humans twisted by a strange experiment.... More »

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