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God Willing

"Charming and funny"
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When it comes to family, you've got to have faith.

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Director: Edoardo Maria Falcone
Country: Italy
Year: 2015
Runtime: 84 mins
Genre: Comedy

The #1 smash-hit comedy success of the 2015 Lavazza Italian Film Festival, this wildly entertaining and multi award-winning debut feature is the story of an almighty battle of wills that pits a man with a God complex against the hip local priest. Tommaso (Marco Giallini) is an esteemed and defiantly self-confident cardiac surgeon, and an unabashed atheist. But the veneer of his perfect life is abruptly cracked when his only son Andrea (Enrico Oetiker) brings the family together for an important announcement; it’s not a heavily speculated-upon declaration relating to his sexuality, but rather – to his father’s great horror – his intention to abandon his medical studies to become a priest!... More »

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