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The Tube: Going Underground

"captures this eternal love-hate relationship rather well."
The Express
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A sequel to the fascinating series THE UNDERGROUND, THE TUBE: GOING UNDERGROUND gives us access to the secret world behind the platforms of London's lifeblood.

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2016
Runtime: 352 mins
Genre: Documentary

The Tube is full – to bursting. It now carries almost five million passengers a day, so just keeping the Underground moving is a daily battle for its 20,000 staff. From train drivers to the managing director to the ever-busy emergency response team, this is their story.

Filmed over a year of change, this new series (a follow up to 6-part program, THE UNDERGROUND) goes behind the scenes again as the Tube tries to transform itself to cope with record demand. But for its long-suffering workers, who deal with commuters at their best and worst every day, keeping the Underground moving is more than a job.

Over eight episodes we are shown what happens on the tube as staff deal with rush hour, lost property, items on the track, ill passengers, ticket office closures, overcrowding, drunken commuters, delays, maintenance and upgrade work, violence, fare dodgers, tunnel digging and the delivery of new rolling stock.

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