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Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Nz)

Additional Details
Director: John Laing
Country: New Zealand
Runtime: 113 mins
Genre: Drama

The true story of the six-year fight to free a farmer who's jailed for a double murder which he didn't commit. BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT is the film of the most baffling and controversial case in New Zealand history. June 22 1970. The discovery of a baby in an empty bloodstained farmhouse brings police and searchers to a tiny New Zealand farming settlement, beginning a series of events which will divide a country and dominate headlines for the next ten years. The police led by Inspector Bruce Hutton (DAVID HEMMINGS) had little to go on. No bodies, few clues, no motive. For three months a massive search operation concentrated on finding the victims - a local farmer and his wife. Suspicion focused... More »

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