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The Idealist

"A hard-hitting investigatory drama"
Richard Gray, THE REEL BITS
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He revealed the lie so we could know the truth

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Director: Christina Rosendahl
Country: Denmark
Year: 2015
Runtime: 109 mins
Genre: Thriller

January 21, 1968. An American B-
52 bomber carrying nuclear warheads crashes on the polar ice near the US air base in Danish controlled Thule, Greenland.

A few days later the crash is classified as a 'Broken Arrow' and regardless of radioactive contamination proclaimed under control.

Hundreds of Thule workers help with the gigantic clean-up operation. Eight months later, all traces of the crashed aircraft and the plutonium-contaminated snow are gone. The case is closed.

18 years later, while covering a local workers compensation story, reporter Poul Brink, confronts suspicious circumstances related to the incident and launches an uncompromising investigation to discover the full and true story protected under the depths of Thule Bay's ice cap and within the classified archives of the US. The deeper he delves the further he finds himself in the heart of an immense international cover-up. Soon the powers responsible find it hard to keep the truth about the tragic accident under wraps, and take extraordinary measures to suppress Brink.

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