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Transformers - Collection 5 (Series 3.2)

"Nothing beats the classics... and no subsequent incarnation will ever compare to the brilliance of the first generation TRANSFORMERS."
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Before Beast Wars, before Energon, witness the continuing adventures of the legendary Transformers!

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Director: Jay Bacal
Country: Japan United States
Year: 1986
Runtime: 300 mins

The year of peace has ended. War engulfs Cybertron and Earth is dragged once more into the conflict. The turbulent saga of the Transformers continues!

Under the leadership of the increasingly unstable Galvatron, the Decepticons have risen again. The scheming Quintessons long to reclaim Cybertron and enslave the race they created. Among these threats, Rodimus Prime continues to doubt his ability to face these challenges. Who will arise from among the ranks of the Autobots to light their darkest hour?

Witness the origin of Unicron, the return of fan-favourite characters and learn of the mysterious Primacron, a key component of Transformers lore, in the closing chapters of the Generation One saga.... More »

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