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Mamil - Middle Aged Men in Lycra

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Road Warriors by Weekend

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Directors: Nickolas Bird, Eleanor Sharpe
Country: Australia
Year: 2017
Runtime: 104 mins
Genre: Documentary

MAMILS, Middle-Aged Men in Lycra. During the week, they are white-collar professionals with responsible jobs, families and mortgages. Come the weekend, they transform into Lycra-clad super heroes; road warriors on expensive carbon framed bikes traveling in packs and competing with other males for dominance in the group. MAMIL is a feature length documentary that dares to enter this secret world of middle-aged men to uncover the reasons they take to the road. Narrated by Tour de France and cycling commentator, Phil Liggett.

Special Features
  • Hawaiian Shirt Ride
  • Billy in NYC
  • MAMIL Play Featurette
  • What MAMILS Do For a Living
  • Are You a MAMIL?
  • MAMILS and Technology
  • Fox Hunt
  • Cost of Cycling Extended Version
  • Fast n’ Fab at NYC Pride
  • Mike in Perth
  • MAMIL Sports
  • Jayman at the Cyclists Ball
  • Jayman at Mt Baw Baw Classic

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